Practice Areas

We’re qualified, experienced and ready to help you in these areas:

Personal Injury

We serve anyone wrongfully injured by the negligent or intentional conduct of a person or business. Some case examples include unfair wages, work-related injury, burn injury, and car accident.

Product Liability, Dangerous Drugs and Defective Medical Devices

We work with people injured by products such as asbestos and defective medical devices, as well as pharmaceutical products like Propecia, YAZ®, Pradaxa and more.

Medical Malpractice

We serve persons suffering as a result of birth injuries, failures to diagnose, surgical mistakes and emergency room errors.

Nursing Home Abuse

We work with the families of people who have suffered from physical abuse, dehydration, bedsores, management neglect, and medication errors due to understaffed, negligent and abusive caretakers.

Insurance Bad Faith

We fight for the rights of persons who have been unfairly denied insurance coverage.

Commercial Litigation

We help those who have suffered losses due to stockbroker fraud, RICO violations, discrimination or breach of contract.