Ortho Evra (Birth Control Patch)

The Ortho Evra birth control patch, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, may be three times more likely to cause a stroke or a blood clot than other leading birth control pills. According to the Associated Press, in 2004 about a dozen women, primarily in their late teens and early twenties, died from blood clots after using Ortho Evra. A dozen more survived strokes and other blood clot-related problems including deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms and heart attacks.

Johnson & Johnson’s original labeling claimed that the patch’s health risks were similar to those of oral contraceptives. But the company’s former chief medical examiner has charged that the company was aware that the birth control patch could cause high rates of blood clots.

How can the Ortho Evra patch injure you and your loved ones?

Unlike oral contraceptives, the estrogen in the Ortho Evra patch is absorbed through the skin rather than the digestive system. This is believed to be the reason that women who use the Ortho Evra patch are exposed to 60% more estrogen than women who take oral contraceptives. These high levels of estrogen increase the risk of developing blood clots, strokes, heart attacks and other serious injuries.

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