Servicemember Injury (TSGLI) claims

Traumatic Servicemember Group Life Insurance (TSGLI) is a benefit attached to your servicemembers group life insurance (SGLI) and may cover traumatic injuries going back to October 7, 2001. If you’ve suffered a traumatic injury while serving our country—on or off the battlefield—you may be entitled to compensation. Call us now, toll-free, at 1 (800) 438-6453, or complete the Quick Intake form at the top of this page to receive a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

If you suffered a traumatic injury while serving in any branch of the military, including the Reserves or the National Guard, you may be entitled to a lump sum, tax free cash payment of up to $100,000.00—even if the injury was not related to any military activity!

Injuries from a car or motorcycle accident that occurred over ten years ago are examples of traumatic injuries that may qualify for this benefit.

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